Introduction to T4SU

1. Introduction

This Section of MAU is dedicated to T4SU (Tools 4 SketchUp) : You will find walkthroughs and use cases. Depreciated versions of this documentation can also be found on as well as

1.1. What is t4su ?

T4SU (Tools for SketchUp) is a SketchUp plugin, implemented in Ruby, that gives you the capability:

  • To couple SketchUp (the well-known CAAD tool) with the SOLENE simulation software developed in the CERMA laboratory.
  • To map out visual-based morphological indicators permitting the analysis of the urban fabric.

1.2. Software

The latest version of the plugin is hosted at Renater, France’s National Research and Education Network. More information on the Installation Procedure post.

1.4. Citing T4SU

If you use T4SU in the context of your research, please cite the following paper :

*K. Hartwell and T. Leduc. T4SU : analyses et représentations des vues du ciel , du soleil et des saillances paysagères dans le contexte d’un outil de CAO. In S. Bimonte, T. Devogele, and A. Hassan, editors, Atelier session démonstration – Conférence Spatial Analysis and Geomatics – SAGEO 2016, page 7, Nice, France, 2016.

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